PerfectPitchTrainer 3.1.0

PerfectPitchTrainer 3.1.0 will teach you how to recognize each of the 12
musical tones instantly, without reference to any other note. There have
been other training schemes for teaching AP such as tapes, but PPT is
far more effective and convenient. It tests you in such a way that you
CANNOT use your sense of RELATIVE pitch to complete the task presented!
You will be forced to access and develop the universally present AP
center in your brain. PerfectPitchTrainer is also much more convenient
as it will track your progress. Our trials have shown than just 10 mins
a day of easy practice for several months is all that is required.

The Demo version is fully functional and not time limited however it
will only teach you 4 of the 12 musical tones.
The full version may be purchased securely online thru our web site for
only $US39.95

System Requirements:
System 7.6.1 or better
A PPC mac 100MHZ or better
QuickTime Musical instruments installed

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