Verbs & Nouns 2.6.5 - foreign language learning

'Verbs & Nouns' is an application for practising inflection, translation
and pronunciation at the level of single words. Features include the
opportunity to do various inflection exercises, and translation exercises in
both directions; to record and play sound for single words; to do
exercises based on sound or pictures; and to play various word-games.

The program keeps a record of exercises, and identifies the words that
the student has difficulty with. Along with the program, you need a
module for the target language concerned. The program can also be used
as an authoring tool to write your own modules of inflected words for
any language. A built-in 'inflection-generator' simplifies the addition
of these words. A 'Find' feature allows the modules to be used as
bilingual dictionaries.

Ready-made modules are already available for certain languages. You can

to get more information.

Jacek Iwanski.

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