Geography Challenge v. 1.0 (Education - HyperCard Stack)

Geography Challenge version 1.0 is a modest HyperCard stack for Macs
that is actually two games: Country Challenge and USA Challenge. When
it was originally released (1993) and last updated (1996) it featured
only Country Challenge, a multiple choice style game that can be
played by up to four players. Country Challenge will effectively test
your knowledge of worldwide or regional capitals, and this version
has been updated to be politically current as of 2002. The other
game, USA Challenge, is new with this version, and features a
colorful map of the USA instead of choices. From experience, it is
simple enough that kids enjoy playing it. Expect them to soon master
all the U.S. states and capitals. Once the "Play" button is clicked,
the game will display the name of a state, capital, or "other city"
and the object is to click on the corresponding state as quickly as
possible. If all 50 states are clicked on fast enough, you will earn
a spot on the High Scores listing. Because Geography Challenge is a
HyperCard stack, you also need to download Apple's free HyperCard
Player application before you can use Geography Challenge, assuming
it is not already on your Macintosh. Like the original version,
Geography Challenge version 1.0 is postcardware. If you like it,
please send us a postcard. The most current version is available

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