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Keywords: Foundation, shared, central, common, Platypus, Collection,
resources, passive

Platypus Common is a repository of shared resources for the Platypus
Collection. In and of itself it is a passive stack; i.e., it doesn't do
anything, and it is not even worth opening directly. However, *ALL* the
active modules of the collection "plug-in" to Platypus Common; without it,
none of them will work. We designed the collection this way to minimize
duplication, facilitate updates, reduce maintainence time, and save hard
disk space.

The active plug-in modules at the time of this writine are:

Knockoffaly -- a real estate trading game
knockEdit -- lets you make your own scenarios for Knockoffaly
logoP -- a 9 tile puzzle
Mankala -- an ancient African game
Geo-Puzzlers (there are over 25 different Geo-Puzzlers!)
Scrambler -- a 64 tile puzzle
PreSchool Playtime -- basic skills for ages 2-6
Easy Writer -- penmanship for ages 4-9 BILINGUAL
Jardin de Ninos -- Spanish version of PreSchool Playtime
Tangramania? -- an ancient Chinese puzzle
Reflect! -- dynamic drills on reflection

You can get the active modules at the same sources as you got this file.

There is no charge for Platypus Common.

Platypus Software,
P.O. Box 1591
Corvallis, OR 97339

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