Relay Fonts 2001 [v3.1]

Relay Fonts is a collection of unique TrueType fonts. A few can be used
as text fonts. All make excellent headline fonts.

Included with this collection: Administrator Password, Alisha,
Berkelium Bitmap, Berkelium Type, C Colon Backslash, Copyright Renewed,
Cosmic Spam, Ditch the Logical, Dot Com, dwt, Eighteen, Endcurled,
Felicia, Fluorine, Fluorine System, Fluorochloric System, Fonteri,
Glass, Glathen Girl, Hydrogenfluoride, I Make Lots of Graphs, Infinite,
Infinity, Jon's New Roman, Jon's Supercondensed, Kaileen, Kelly,
Lauren, Metal, Mikkav, Miranda 27, Modern Grease, Nineteen, OpenDoc
Rocks, Plastic, Renee, Return of RelayScript, SCSI Port, Sexy Sara,
Signatures, Sixth Kristen Squirt, Sunflower's Illegible Writing, Teen
Dreem Magazeen, Tenbitesch, and Unmodified Fax.

A ReadMe file is included pertaining to the use of these fonts.

This version should replace all previous versions.

(C) 2001-2004 Kreative Software.

Path: /www/exparrot/

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