Infinity Model Builder 1.0

Model Builder is a free powerful 3D editor designed to create and edit
object files with real-time rendering through the Infinity 3D Rave engine.
Model Builder can import the meshes contained in 3DMF files, modify them
(position, rotation, scale...), add colors or textures, and save the result
as a standard Infinity MetaFile.
Note: Model Builder is not a 3D modeler: you cannot create meshes.

Minimal configuration:
Power Macintosh PCI with a 832x624 screen resolution, but the Rave software
engine provided by QuickDraw 3D Rave will probably be too slow for real-time
Best configuration:
a G3 (all G3 Power Macintoshes have ATI 3D chips on board) with 4Mb of VRAM
or a PCI Power Macintosh with a 3D accelerator card (with at least 4Mb of
VRAM) which is Rave compliant, and 1024x768 screen resolution.
Model Builder needs around 800Kb of free memory to run: the rest of the
memory is used to store the model's data and the data of the Rave engine if
you choose a software Rave engine.
Because Model Builder 3D engine draws directly to screen, palettes cannot
overlay the rendering window. As a consequence an 832x624 or a 1024x768
screen resolution is necessary to see the rendering window and the palettes.

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