Turtle Dice 2.0 68K


Turtle Dice is $10 shareware, and may be registered through e-mail, or
regular postal mail, using the "Register" program that accompanies this
distribution. To register online, visit http://www.kagi.com/?QCX.
Turtle Dice may be freely distributed, assuming no alterations to the
original package are made.

Registered users of Turtle Dice 1.0 may use the same activation code for
Turtle Dice 2.0.

Turtle Dice is a simple implementation of a single-player yahtzee-like
game. Version 2.0 adds a number of customization options, improved user
interface and score previewing. Turtle Dice should run on any Macintosh
(PPC or 68k) with System 7.1 or later and at least 640x480 display w/
256 colors (Standard 14" monitor). A windows version is in the works
and should be available sometime in the Summer/Fall of 1999. Please let
me know if you have any suggestions for other improvements or have any
trouble with the existing version. I can be reached at
turtle@kagi.com. Please register and support all shareware. Thanks.

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