Bub and Bob 1.7.3J - Japanese Version

This is the Japanese version of the Bub and Bob package.

Mac OS X compatible (Classic environment)!

*Rated 5 Cows (highest rating) by Tucows (Tukids)*

Bub & Bob is an exciting, fast paced arcade game based on the original
Bubble Bobble, a classic arcade game from the early 80's! The game was
also available for the C64, Atari ST, and Amiga, but never for the
Macintosh. Bub & Bob is a 90% clone of the classic game, designed and
programmed to run on the Mac.

Bub & Bob can be played alone or together with another human player. You
are a little green or blue dinosaur with the ability to blow bubbles out
your mouth. Your aim is to catch the deadly balls in level 100. So you
have to play through all the 99 levels to get there. Some levels are
much easier to play if you play in the two player mode. So you can say
that the other player is your partner in most cases, in some cases he's
your rival, for example if a big fruit appears that gives an extra

System Requirements

Bub & Bob needs 4.2 MB free RAM. It runs both Power-Mac native and on
the older 68k Macs. A Mac with at least a 68040-processor is
recommended, though I couldn't test it on slower machines.

Changes in version 1.7.3:

*Fixed a problem with music playback under QuickTime 5.

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