SpaceInvader! 1.04

Date: Sun, 30 Jul 95 01:15:25 -0500

Here is a new game called SpaceInvader!, I created for the Macintosh. It's a
fast action "shoot em up" type game with 30 frame per second animation,
currently require 8 bit (256) color/gray to run (if there's enough interest and
resource, I will make it run under other color depth in future updates). It uses
640x480 full screen. Although not recommended, if you have a bigger size monitor
and know how to use ResEdit, you can change the "battle field" to a larger size
by increasing the window size of the WIND resource (there's only one) to
anything NO BIGGER than your real screen size.

SpaceInvader! is distributed as shareware. The author asks for $20 shareware fee
if you like it and play it more than once. If you REALLY couldn't afford it,
send any amount you prefer. By sending me your donation, you are helping me to
obtain enough resource and encouragement to write better games for the
Macintosh. Your help will be very apprecaited. Anyone who send donation will
receive a Thank You letter with registration code to personalize the copy, and
get any future updates free. The game is not protected. Please distribute only
the unregistered copy.

SpaceInvader! is a fast action "shoot em up" game, the goal is to achieve
highest score. I am trying to make it very responsive so you can shoot and
maneuver as fast as you can, more or less a practice of your response. You are
armed with a bullet gun or a laser gun. Bullet costs you 1 point, you get lasers
by catching laser supply. There are four types of enemy bomb ships dropping
bombs, each type has different level of shield protection. Enemy also has bullet
gun ship and laser ship that shoot bullets and lasers at you. Besides, there are
seven types of enemy special war ships that do some nasty things to you: drop
atomic bomb, shoot missile, lay mines, drop plague slows down your speed, drop
S-bomb blast you ammunition, drop parity change your sense of left and right
(it's really a hi-tech war out there! *smile*), and drop 'ozone' layer shorten
your gun range. You are not helpless though, there are four types of friendly
supply ships provide you with extra life, free bullets (you will certainly
appreciate it if your ammunition is blasted), faster move speed, and laser
supply (laser is awfully powerful, try it!). Well, of course, you had to catch
these supplies first. There are atomic time bomb and four types of magic that
appear randomly, provide you with extra score or take score from you without
mercy, you must shoot them down to get the bonus or avoid being hit by them
within limited time. Each level is more difficult than the previous one (enemy
shoot or bomb faster, supplies are more difficult to catch, etc.). With all
these, get a high score and have fun.

SpaceInvader! is tested on MacII, IIcx, IIci, Quadra 700, under sys7 & 6.0.5 up.
Please send any bug reports, problems ... to me so it can be fixed in future

I also developed another Mac software called PianoSim for the Macintosh. It's a
music instrument simulation with full music input and edit ability. Try it and
have fun. Thank you for your time, hope you enjoy the game.

Hui Dong
209 W. 80th Street, Apt. 4A
New York, NY 10024 U.S.A.
(212) 501-9779

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