Heroes of the Black Tower - a game scenario for Sword Dream 3D

The attached file contains Heroes of the Black Tower - a game scenario for
Sword Dream 3D version 2.1.

This is version 1.0.1 of the game scenario. It fixes a small bug, recently
discovered by a player, where the game would stop and complain about a
missing resource. No new game elements were added for this release.

Sword Dream 3D is a fantasy adventure gaming system. Old role playing games
had you play over a boring 2D map. In Sword Dream 3D, your surroundings are
in three-D (just like in Marathon?, Doom? or Descent?). Still, this isn't a
shoot-em-up videogame: it's a think-first, act-later game.

And it's fun for days, not minutes: Dream 3D accepts plug-in adventure
games, or "scenarios". Anybody can create a 3D scenario using the free
tools we are providing, which allow anyone to create new monsters, spell,
objects, buildings, traps, riddles, characters, music and more.

Full details on Sword Dream 3D are available at http://www.comenius.com/dream/
All other available scenarios can be downloaded from

The game scenario can be freely redistributed on the Internet, inside
CD-ROMs and via BBSs.

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