Hotfind 1.2.4 (PPC).hqx

Hotfind may be included on an info-mac CD

Hotline Client or Hotline clone
OS 7.5 and above


HotFind is a server and file search utility for Hotline. It can be used
to search for specific Hotline servers and for specific files on Hotline
servers. HotFind is distributed as $10,- (US) shareware.
Hotfind will generate a Hotline server list by combining all server lists
from all known trackers. HotFind automatically updates its own internal
list of Hotline trackers by periodically checking our Hotline tracker
database at, so you will always have access to
the most up-to-date and complete server list without having to search for
Hotline trackers yourself ever again.
With HotFind's powerful Boolean search you can search in the description
of Hotline servers to find those Hotline servers that you really
interested in, and with HotFind's file search it's possible to search for
files or folders located on Hotline servers without the need for a web
based file search engine. This not only makes the file search more
reliable it also guaranties your privacy.

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