PingReporter 1.31

PingReporter v1.31

This is a little application started out as a quick hack to save myself a lot of hassle when it came
time to sift through the large log files, created by ICMP Logger during a ping attack, pulling IP
numbers and other data out and to organize it in a neat and legible sort of way before sending it
off to my local ISP. It has now become a useful MacOS application.

It is not fancy and has no bells or whistles in any way. But it's FAST.

It is to be used in conjunction with ICMP Logger v1.0. It was unknown, at the time of this
writing, if there was a newer version that creates a differently formatted log file, which basically
means that this is to be used ONLY on log files created by the aforementioned program.

ICMP Logger, when used, creates a text file with the following format which can grow to
megabyte proportions. If you are familiar with this kind of situation then you can understand
the difficulty in reading through the file to find needed info.

A quick break down of what PingReporter does:

* Extracts IP numbers from the log files.

* Counts the number of pings received from a particular IP.

* Shows you when that IP started and stopped sending the pings.

* Shows you the size of the pings and if they changed size.

* Calculates the total number of bytes received from those pings.

* Organizes all this data in a neat manner so that it can easily be passed on to others without much hassle


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