Cindy's HyperCard Terminal Emulator

Cindy's HyperCard Terminal Emulator is a simple terminal emulation
program, created to show HyperCard programmers how to incorporate modem
communications into their own products. It uses the free "HyperCard
Serial Port Toolkit" produced by Apple, which at last check was
available at:

Download that toolkit in addition to this terminal emulator, to get the
full documentation for the serial port XCMDs and XFCNs.

Feel free to modify and lift code as desired from this stack. Most of
the code is in the Stack script. This is the simplest example I could
come up with to illustrate how to use the HyperCard Serial Port Toolkit
tools. It is my sincere hope that this stack will come in handy to
struggling HyperCard novices out there, and perhaps inspire one to make
a graphical user interface BBS out of HyperCard!

Path: /www/exparrot/

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