Daleks version 1.0 - final

Date: Wed, 20 Jul 94 10:43:56 -0700

this is the 1.0-final release of Daleks - an arcade/strategy game for Newton. Several improvements have been made since the original beta release.

Please replace any earlier beta version of Daleks in your archive with this one.



Copyright (C) 1994 Michael S. Engber. All rights reserved.

Daleks v1.0
Another fine product from Avarice Software

This is a version of the game of Daleks for the Newton. It was inspired
by the original Macintosh version of Daleks (by Johan Strandberg) and
its numerous successors.

Daleks is freeware. Share it freely. Please include this documentation if
you redistribute it.

Send comments & bugs to:

Michael S. Engber
3486 Golden State Drive
Santa Clara, CA 95051
-InterNet: engber@newton.apple.com
-from CompuServe: >INTERNET:engber@newton.apple.com
-AppleLink: engber

Changes For Version 1.0
- reduce delay between tapping and directional arrows appearing
- dumb moves not allowed (& sounds to distinguish good from bad)
- auto-click mode
- status bar (& info button moved there)
- score moved above the field to the left & round indicator added
- uDaleks version


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