Albrecht 101 - Los Alamos book exemplifies newton press outlining

Herein find an example of what newton press can do. The book I made
from Albrecht's electronic research paper might not be interesting in
content, except to an expert in quantum mechanics interpretation, but it
best exemplifies what anyone can do with a latex program and newton press,
so I thought it might be appropriate here.
I might have put my own, much shorter, paper to Los Alamos up instead
for less bandwidth, but then you wouldn't see the outlining power of newton
press both needed and implemented.
For those experts amongst you, "naughtyword 7.1 is gooooooood".
So, here again is what I did in order illustrating how easy it is.
With textures, a typesetting program, I retypeset in the latex source
to produce pages the size of newton screen and then printed these to
picture-files with print to pict. Then I dragged ordered page-pictures in
folders into the newton press ap to get a book. Very easy. Then, I built an
outline to navigate in the book.
I can enjoy long dog walks in cool nights (here in hot day Dallas,
Texas) while reading science research on the new glowing mp130.

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