Slurpee 1.9 (desktop/Newton text/data transfer)

Slurpee 1.9 (24 Nov 96)
transfers paragraphs or tab-delimited text between a text file and Newton soup
entries via a terminal emulator and serial connection; type via keyboard to
Newton fields, and print values and errors to terminal

Keywords: data and text transfer, soup utility, keyboard, Inspector,
terminal emulator, Newt, Newt's Cape

Feature Summary:
- transfer desktop text to/from Notes (and Outlines and Checklists on NOS 2.0)
- import/export Names (examples provided)
- import/export tab-delimited data via your desktop terminal emulator
- use your desktop keyboard to enter text on your Newton
- transfer graphics for applications in Newt Development Environment
and books in Newt's Cape

Recent changes:
- info button and about box (URLs are active if Newt's Cape is installed)
- "connected"/"disconnected" status immediately below Paste
- convertUnicode option in slurpee spec
- EVAL! command evaluates arbitrary NewtonScript expressions, e.g., EVAL!3+4
- DUMP can list all soups
- added "dateTimeSpecs:..." for more flexible date/time output
- added pseudo-title field for Notes DUMP
- many bug fixes, internal cleanup
- compatible with 1.x and 2.0 Newtons (and 2.1: MessagePad2000 and eMate300)

Slurpee is shareware ($10). Registered users receive access to versions
with faster transfer options, priority for answers and new features, help in
testing custom soup and entry spec definitions. (Slurpee is free to
registered users of Newt Development Environment or Newt's Cape. Slurpee
source available to Newt users).

Steve Weyer
America Online: SteveWeyer
Compuserve: 74603,2051


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