PrintUseMonitor 3.6

This is version 3.6 of PrintUseMonitor.
(Shareware 10$US or 5 pounds UK.)

PrintUseMonitor monitors the pages printed on Quickdraw printers,
including all the StyleWriter series and LaserWriter 300 printer,
and displays a warning dialog when the print cartridge is about
to run out.

PrintUseMonitor displays a progress bar indicating the Print Cartridge
wear, supports many different languages, and will even predict the
date when your printer cartridge will run out, based on average use.

If you refill ink cartridges then this application is useful for
determining when to do this, or if you always replace your ink cartridge,
this application can help you to determine when to order a new cartridge.

This new version updates the documentation with my new email address and
web site:-

Please include this on CD collections if you wish.

Best Regards,

Steve Smith

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