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This is a demo version of Synergy Creations' ConverTable Units software
for Macintosh. Version 2.2 release date: January 2003.

ConverTable Units is a unit converter with several unique features.
ConverTable Units teaches how to do unit conversions.=A0 Click the "show
tutor" triangle, and ConverTable Units shows you the math required for the
conversion you've asked it to perform.=A0 In fact, ConverTable Units "thinks"
about conversions using a "unit cancellation" method widely taught in high
school and college science courses.=A0 By showing how conversions are done,
(not just spitting out an answer!) ConverTable Units represents a great
teaching and learning tool.

Other features:
- Plug-in architecture (add your own units)
- Easy to use calculators included-both algebraic and RPN!
- Over 300 units available!=A0 112 built-in units (unregistered), 91 more whe=
you register, plus (at last count) 107 more available through plug-ins.
- To unlock all the features, there is a $15 registration fee.

System Requirements:
- PowerPC Mac, Mac OS 8.1 or later

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