Dr. Beam Pro is a direct manipulation, real-time feedback, beam analysis
program. It excels at rapid prototyping and solution generation for elastic
beams. As the name states, Dr. Beam is a beam specialist, and in the Dr.'s
studio, analyzing a beam is easier than drawing it. Use it once and you
will no longer tolerate the primitive nature of other beam analysis tools.

Dr. Beam Pro features include:

* Direct manipulation / real-time visual feedback
* Deflection, rotation, moment and shear diagrams
* Fixed and pinned supports, internal hinges, plastic hinges, linear
and rotational springs
* Ramp loads, distributed loads, point loads, applied moments and
support settlements
* Editable values of E, I, A and Length
* Unlimited number of loads and supports
* Envelopes to accumulate deflection and moment data.
* Customizable units and feedback formatting
* Ten leveles of undo and redo
* Axial loadings
* much, much more

Stephen Cooper
Manager, Dr. Software, LLC
Seattle, WA

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