Peach 1.0

Peach helps you create sinc impulse responses and common types of windows.
Peach probably is not very useful if you have no idea what a sinc function
or an impulse response is and is intended as a help for anyone studying or
preparing FIR filters. In Peach , you create sinc impulse responses by
starting with a low pass or high pass sinc kernel and then manipulating it
in various common ways like spectral inversal , spectral reversal and
convolution. Peach can also apply Bartlett, Blackman, Hamming, Hanning,
Kaiser, Lanczos, minimum 4-term, Nuttall, Parzen, Truncated Gaussian, and
Welch windows and graphs the time domain , step response and magnitude and
phase of the impulse response.

System requirements:
-MacOS 8.5 or later
-Any version of QuickTime
-8Mb of free RAM

Path: /www/exparrot/

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