StatistFunctions2.4 / HyperCard stack statistical PDFs and CDFs

StatistFunctions version 2.4
This HyperCard stack by Oscar van Vlijmen computes many statistical
functions with high accuracy.
Combinatorial functions: draws, permutations (and factorials even for large
numbers!), variations, combinations.
Probability density functions: hypergeometric (Lucky 10, Lotto), binomial
(football toto), negative binomial, multinomial, Poisson, normal.
Cumulative distribution functions: standard normal and inverse, binomial,
negative binomial, chi square, Cauchy, discrete log-series, Erlang,
negative exponential, extreme value, logistic, gamma, beta, F, T,
non-central T, Pareto, Rayleigh, Rice, Tukey-Lambda, Von Mises, Wakeby,
Special functions: gamma, incomplete gamma, beta, incomplete beta, error,
factorial, Lerch transcendent, modified Bessel of first kind.
Plus an Erlang B/C traffic calculator, usable for very large traffic units
and number of trunks.
Many functions are clearly explained, although this stack is not a course
in statistics.
Emphasis is on statistical usefulness and accuracy, even for big numbers,
not on frills.
All input and output is saved in a text field.

New in version 2.4:
* Added separate button for accurate modified Bessel function of the first
kind and order 1.
* Fixed the limit of z=38 for cumulative standard normal distribution. Now
you can enter very large arguments.
* Added the special function Lerch transcendent.
* Added distributions: discrete logarithmic series distribution (CDF), the
difficult to compute non-central T distribution (CDF), the Rice
distribution (PDF & CDF).

Freeware; not to be used for commercial applications; not on CD-ROM

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