BibRef Pro 1.0 Additional Information

An AtariWriter conversion utility in HyperCard. (snazzy title, no?)

This is a Macintosh HyperCard stack I wrote a while back to convert
AtariWriter documents into Rich Text Format (RTF) files which could be
imported into MS Word.

You'll need:

- A Macintosh (duh ). Any system that will run HyperCard will

- HyperCard or HyperCard Player. I wrote this thing under HC2.1,
but I just ran it under HCPlayer 2.3 and everything seems to be
working fine.

How it works:

Run it by double clicking on it or opening it into HyperCard.

Click on the big 'Convert A File...' button. You'll see the standard
file selector box. Pick an atariwriter file.

Wait. Wait some more. Wait even longer. Wait an eternity.

The atariwriter file will be converted into a mishmash of {}s and
/pards in the scrollable field. Select the text in the field,
copy or cut it, and then paste it into a text/word processor.
Save this text. This step is necessary because the utility doesn't
output a file of its own. I'm a lazy programmer. Smile

Load the saved RTF file into your word processor of choice. You might
need to tell the word processor that the file is a Rich Text Format

If you have a set of chained atariwriter files, you will need to
convert them one at a time. I made another version of this utility,
one that handles chained files, but alas it is nowhere to be found.
Also, due to the way RTF works, you can't just paste the RTF code
from the different chained files into one big text file, and then
load that into a word processor. You'll have to treat each one

#### TEXT bib-ref-pro-10-fm.txt ****

BibRef Pro is a FileMaker Pro 2.1 database for bibliographic references.
It operates on a scheme derived from the BiBTeX standard. BibRef Pro
was developed during my thesis work, where I need a database for my
bibliographic references that fit scientific requirements and is capable
of exporting formatted entries for use with FrameMaker. BibRef Pro is

The postal and email addresses in the documentation are no longer valid.
They have changed to

Michael Kranz
Im Gruen 34
D-77815 Buehl


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