iText 3.0.4 for Mac OS X - iMac's Text Editor

iText is a cute text editor with simple word processing, fitting the
charming iMac's colorful-design. It has stability and lots of nice
features selected from LightWayText. iText is very popular and is loved
by many Japanese, because it has High Speed, is Cool, Fantastic, and
Simple ! It will definitely let you recall 'the Macintosh mind of the
early days' - The original Mac's concept. Editing operations are
intuitive. There are many ways to change the appearance of your
document; besides styles, there are decoration lines, the ability to
change all paragraph indents or margins, and to paste in PICT images.
Also, you can work with big text documents of even more than 32 kbytes
at very high speed. You will find that iText is widely used, from
programming to the writing of various documents, in any language not
only English and Japanese. With Key-registration, iText can be upgraded
to iTextPro, besides.

This Version Changes:
* Improved some of names of the Menu items, dialogs, and the documents
* Also, fixed some bugs to make more stability.

iText Environment
It can be used under Mac OS X 10.0 or later

(Author:) Michiaki Yamashita

Path: /www/exparrot/

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