JollyGoodTables4 for 68K

Good table tools for the Macintosh are relatively rare.
JollyGoodTables is a the US localization of the Japanese word processor
RakuRakuKeisen which specializes in creating and editing tables.
To put it simply, with JollyGoodTables you create a table skeleton as you
would in a drawing application, and fill the cells of the table with text.
In contrast to a spreadsheet application, however, in JollyGoodTables cell
sizes and styles, as well as text styles, font, size, and horizontal or
vertical text justification, etc. are freely configurable. You can copy and
paste across multiple cells, set individual text margins for each cell, and
even nest cells or graphic objects and pictures created in JollyGoodTables
or other software inside cells.

One of JollyGoodTables' most exciting features is the option to adapt the
printing resolution to your printer's to achieve jaggy-free high quality

Since JollyGoodTables supports publish and subscribe you can use it to
include tables in documents of applications that do not provide a table
editing feature.

JollyGoodTables also handles data copied from spreadsheets or tab delimited

If you are frequently dealing with tables, JollyGoodTables should come in
quite handy.

Yoshiko Bando

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