Nisus Indexing Macros 1.1

Nisus Indexing Macros 1.1

(This version is an update to my Indexing Macros 1.0 for Nisus Writer,
posted to info-mac in May 1997. This update fixes a bug in 1.0 in which an
extra space was inserted in index entries generated with the "Personal
Name, 2 Last" and "Personal Name, 3 Last" macros. Adds an "Unmark Selected
Text" macro).

Nisus Writer is a superb word processor with powerful capabilities, but...

I have been bothered by the way that Nisus Writer generates indexes. It
lists every single page on which a marked item occurs. This leads to the
creation of indexes with entries such as:


I have written a macro to collapse such entries according to the method
prescribed by the 13th edition of the Chicago Manual of Style, section
8.67. For example, the entry above would be rendered:


(The full method is actually more complex than this, and I have fully
implemented it).

Along with that macro, I've developed some others to facilitate creating
indexes. Perhaps the most useful ones are for marking proper names for
indexing. If, for example, you have the names "Alfred E. Neuman," "Billy
Bob Smith," and "Wild Bill Hickock," simply select all these names and run
a macro to mark each for the index as follows:

Neuman, Alfred E.
Smith, Billy Bob
Hickock, Wild Bill

When you've downloaded the macro, double-click on the macro file to load
it, then run the "About Indexing Macros" macro for further details on what
these macros do and how to use them.

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