WriteAway 2.0-A Hypercard Word Processor

WriteAway is a word processor for Hypercard. It lets you open text
files, write text, save your writings as text files, print text, and
have your computer speak it (if you have Speech Manager installed).
When you write text, it gets saved inside WriteAway automatically (so
if your computer crashes, most of your text will still be there). To
share it with other Macs, just save it. The toolbar lets you easily
navigate around WriteAway and perform other functions like saving,
printing, and opening. WriteAway has a word count, character count,
and a "Set Text to Plain" menu item which makes all your text plain.
Version 2.0 has some bug fixes too (2 bugs have been fixed from 1.1).
One more thing is the "WriteAway Typing Goodies." Want to know what
they are? Download WriteAway and you'll see.
WriteAway requires Hypercard or Hypercard Player and a 512x384 or
larger monitor.

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