Greppie 1.0 - A regular expression search tool

Greppie is a graphical user interface for the UNIX grep command.
Greppie provides a simple, intuitive interface for entering searches,
managing file lists, and presenting results. Recent searches and file
lists are automatically saved, and common searches and file lists can
be saved for long term use. Greppie also includes a number of
built-in Power Searches which allow you, with a simple click, to
search for things like e-mail addresses or phone numbers in your
documents, even when you don't know the address or number to begin
with. Results are presented in an outline format for easy viewing,
and the search string is highlighted so the match is easy to find.
Greppie fully supports drag and drop of searches, files, and results.
Results can also be saved to a file for future reference.

Greppie is US$14.95 shareware and can be registered inside the
program or on the web. The downloaded version works for 30 uses or 30
days, whichever is longer.

The web site for Greppie is

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