HTML Image Indexer 1.0 (AS)

HTML Image Indexer 1.0 by Giovanni Giusti
This applet will create a HTML table of all files you drop on it, then
save it into an "index.html" file inside the same folder as the first
file you dropped. If an "index.html" file is already there, you will get
an index-(random).html file. But it shouldn't be there in the first
place, should it? You get the choice of how many columns there should be
in your table. This is because it may be hard to change that from a HTML

What's it for?
Guess you have a folder full of GIFs and you want to put them up on a Web
page. Do you create an HTML table, then import them one by one? No more!
Run HTML Indexer, then tweak the looks of your page with a HTML editor.
HTML Indexer will include in the index any file that you drag on it. It's
up to you to use it wisely.

Coming Up:
The ability to recognize if the file is an image file, and to exclude
other files accordingly. If requested, I may also add the possibility of
choosing where to save the resulting HTML code.

HTML indexer is freeware, but it is not in the public domain. You are free
to copy it, use it, distribute it, and improve on it, as long as it is not
for profit. I would like to receive a copy of any modified version of it, and if it
goes out in a CD, well, how about a free copy for me? I already received
proposals to include other applets of mine in CDs, but I haven't received
one yet!

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