HTML QuickTags 2.0

DareHauf Technologies' HTML QuickTags2.0 is an updated version of the
popular HTMLQuickTags Lite 11b. This new version contains updated
information on every HTML tag we know about. There is an explaination and
example of every tag, as well as descriptions of all of the tag's
attributes and Browser Compatibility. By popular request, we have included
a "How Do I" section which explains how to do most of the things that you
see on professionally developed pages. This new section includes useable
sample codes for page jumps, meta tags, JavaScript, Client-Side Last
Modified dates, and much much more. HTML QuickTags2.0 is accessible from
virtually any application's help menu, and runs simultaneously with all of
your development applications. Registered version includes copy and paste
capabilities for all tags covered in the program. This replaces the need
for virtually all HTML books, and provides instant access to all tags from
within your development application. Enchanced searching capabilities
allow you to search for a tag or topic by typing in its name. Learn more

System Requirements:
Macintosh PPC / 68K; System 7.1 or higher; Apple Guide

Erik Moore

DareHauf Technologies

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