MapMaker is a full-featured Macintosh imagemap editor with support for
the enormously popular and efficient clientside maps as well as the good
old serverside ones. With MapMaker you can easily open both jpegs and
gifs (picts are also suported) and create a map by just drawing the
objects on the image.

Features in version 1.1.2:

* Save maps in three different formats, NCSA, CERN and ClientSide
* Test your maps without server in the testmode
* Open and edit your old maps
* Browse your harddrive for links (no need to know the exact path)
* Opening of GIFs and JPEGs without QuickTime. MapMaker can PICTs too,
if you for some odd reason would like to do that.
* Zoom the image within the range of 25 - 500%
* Select the creator of the outputfiles
* Draw, move, duplicate, remove or resize ovals, circles, rectangles or
polygons (sorry, no resizing of polygons).
* Define alternative strings for users with non-graphical browsers in
Clientside or HTML 3.0
* Specify a value for onMouseOver in clientside maps
* Use the nohref-option in ClientSide maps

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Sincerly yours,
Fredric Eriksson TwinMoon

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