PageInspector 1.5

PageInspector 1.5

PageInspector is a Macintosh-only HTML syntax validator. It reports and
corrects errors that cause HTML pages to render incorrectly, and that are
difficult to find by eye. It also checks links, both local, FTP- and
HTTP-based links.

- Displays the text of the open file and highlights the exact location of

- Checks local as well as Internet links (that is, HTTP and FTP -- no other
program does this).

- Checks the case of local links to ensure they are UNIX-safe in addition
to being Mac-safe, which is not done even by programs that "specialise" in
HTML link checking.

- Obtains the document base URL from the file's Finder comment. No other
program does this.

- Lists up to 8192 errors in HTML documents. Explains why PageInspector
reported the error, and how you can correct it (or even have PageInspector
correct it for you.)

- Contextual menus provide shortcuts to commands (even in pre-MacOS 8 systems).

- Complete AppleScript support, including a scripts menu. Full
scriptability lets you extend PageInspector's automatic error corrections,
and select errors in your favourite text editor for correction.

- Uses a modern MacOS 8 3D platinum interface.

- Many preferences offers full customisation of PageInspector's behaviour.

PageInspector works on all Macs running System 7 or later. It is
accelerated for Power Macintosh. Open Transport and a Power Macintosh are
required for Internet link checking. Shareware $15 through Kagi Shareware.

Written by Douglas Clarke

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