Cool Tools 1.0.1

A set of six free utilities for OS 7.5 to 9x:

-Liberate Desktops: rebuilds desktop files automatically at next startup.
-Quote UnQuote: adds or deletes quote symbols and hard returns to text.
-Selector: selects files and folders by boolean combination of many filter
criteria, and performs a number of actions, e.g. change file creator and
type and set Finder attributes, on items found.
-Show Document: selects, in the Finder, the icon of the front document of
the current application.
-SuperAlias: opens any number of files, folders and applications at once.
Item list is easy to set and reconfigure.
-UltraClip: global glossary saves clipboard text to clipping files named
and placed automatically, or optionally with a name you choose. Or loads a
clipping back to the clipboard, optionally appending to existing text on
the clipboard. Clips are editable and searchable.

Requires two third-party scripting additions (osaxen): Akua Sweets, version
1.4.3 or later, and Dialog Director, version 0.7 or later. These are both
free for personal use at Info-Mac.

User comment on previous versions, released separately:

Check it out!!! [MacScripter] . . . cool scripts that you've gotta download
[AppleScriptCentral] . . . a cool tool [MacScripter] . . . Popular Download
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glossary . . . Mr. Rethorst is indeed pretty savvy about AppleScript . . .
thanks very much . . . great stuff!"

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