MiniWinCP Demo 5.0

68k Macintosh
Power Macintosh
System 8.0 or greater (cannot be installed in OS X)

If you would like to have a window taskbar with quickly identifiable icons
on your screen, instead of a bunch of look-alike collapsed window titlebars,
then MiniWin is for you!! It consists of a control panel and extension that
you simply drop onto your System folder.

The Demo version will show you how MiniWin can make your life easier by
giving you more screen space when you need it. No need to close or move
windows! No need to hunt for the right titlebar! WOW!! Who could ask for

If you like what you see, you may purchase the full version, which is a
control panel, for the paltry sum of $20.00. See the Read Me file for
details on the extras you get when you purchase the full version. Thank you
for trying MiniWin.

Path: /www/exparrot/

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