iMacSelectIcons - Finest quality custom iMac icons!!!

iMacSelectIcons Vol.001
by Jason Rainbows' Magic Theatre Art and Design 1998

A gift for all you new iMac owners (and anyone else who
appreciates quality design and icons).

Since you have the coolest looking Mac on the market, why not
have the coolest looking Mac desktop in the world?

Complete with simple instructions on "How to Change Your Icons"
to customize your Mac's desktop.

These icons are lovingly hand-drawn, one pixel at a time, with
great attention paid to detail. Our special "SelectIcon" color palette
technique allows surprise hidden elements to appear when the icon
is "selected" - They look great when "selected" and "unselected"!

These are my gift to YOU in celebration of the iMac and the Mac OS
in general. The ONLY OS that STILL smiles when you turn it on!

Have fun! Try not to hurt anyone with these beautiful creations
and, always remember to be "at one with your surroundings".


Jason Rainbows

Path: /www/exparrot/

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