iMac iCon by Pixelhaus! 67k

This is the newly updated and more accurate version of the very first iCon
of Apple's
new iMac design. It also includes two bonus iMac icons, one "turned on" and
one featuring an iMac running Apple's eWorld...

well... one can dream, can't one? Smile

Please note: This pixelhaus iMac icon is freeware, but it is *not* in the
public domain. pixelhaus maintains all rights in perpetuity. You are free
to use this icon on your personal computer or on non-revenue-generating
personal websites, but it cannot be used commercially or re-distributed in
any way without express permission.

Permission is granted for inclusion on the commercially available Info-Mac
CD-ROM, as long as the entire file, ReadMe and all, is included with the

This includes incorporation into third party software and use in
Kaleidoscope Color Schemes.

The best idea is to ask us beforehand. We are usually fairly flexible.

If you do not know how to customize the icons on your Mac, there is a
wonderful tutorial on the the subject at the Iconfactory's website at:

Please enjoy the icons and visit the pixelhaus often.

Path: /www/exparrot/

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