powerbook 100 battery hack

powerbook 100 battery hack, now my powerbook 100 lasts for 2.5 hours on batteries!



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I saw that online before. That was the wooden block hack IIRC. I haven't taken any measurements of the R/C packs, but couldn't you make a space for the pack to slip into the battery bay? Having a tethered battery is better than being tethered to the wall, but being able to stick the pack into the empty battery bay would be great. My PB100 is sorely lacking the the portable power area too. Smile

no it's not possible the correct voltage battery is too thick, but if you could get some rechargeable AA batterys and made a pack like that i bet you could, or if you could get the pb to run of the 6 v rc car batteries which are much smaller they'd probally fit..

Here's some pictures of it in use