The pool at the Palacio del Partal

Taken by yours truly during April of 1990, this is a picture of the pool at the Palcio del Partal, part of the compex at the Alhambra in Granada, Spain. I have seen various photos of the Partal since, but the perspective is always a bit off. The only other photo on the net I have ever seen from a similar perspective does not get enough of the water from the lion's mouth and was obviously taken with the aid of a filter or two whereas mine was taken with a basic 35mm with no filter.

This version of the photo (mine)did have some VERY minor retouches to it and only had these when it was blown up to a large format. The retouch work was done by a local Jacksonville (professional) photographer named Fred Ortyl.

*Clarification* The photo shown here is the unretouched version.