Clamshell iBook running Tiger (netbooted) in just 96MB RAM

I added a new HD to this Tangerine iBook (300 MHz G3) and was having trouble booting to my Mac OS 9 CD. Just for kicks, I tried netbooting it to reformat the HD before taking it apart again to check connections. When I saw its "About this Mac" window, I just had to share it with the 'Fritter.

Now remember, folks: Tiger requires 256MB RAM and built-in FireWire to install. Here we're running on a machine with 96MB RAM and no FireWire. I did not install XPostFacto or any other third-party "helper" program: just hooked the machine up to our network and held down "N" at boot.

This actually beats ol' Frankenberry for running Mac OS X out-of-spec.