Ping pang!

Another really beautiful day. I appreciate days like this, not only because of the beautiful spring weather, but to reflect on how many really cool and great people I know. I've met a lot of people this year, and most of them have been really awesome friends. I understand them just as well as they do me (or so I think) and I'm more or less accepted for who I am, just as I accept them for being who they are. It also helps that most of them can drive.

I'm really looking forward to spring break. I have to go to see the Boston Marathon on Monday, but that's usually fun (I go every year). Then, there's Curry's little study-party thing which I really need to do, because I'm not blessed with the ability to concentrate, or a great memory, so I'm feeling a little shaky about the AP exam. Maybe the study things will help refresh my memory. THEN, Rollins is doing some sort of jazz band thing, and I REALLY need to get together with david and b.dex, and work on some tunes, because David has been cranking out some new stuff, and b.dex needs to work his part out, and I've got drums to do and lyrics to write/collaborate on. We're still looking at bassists, bot for the mean time, are left without anybody.

When I read what other people write in thier blogs, I think that I should up the intellectual content in my own. However, I rarley do, mainly because I really don't retain a lot of my intellectual vigor from the day, and the conversations I do have with my intellectual friends are ususally pap to the rest of the world, and require no expanding upon. I'm just much more of a spur of the moment kind of guy.

Then, at some point today, I was struck by a thought. Does anybody read this? I'm sure it's been glanced upon by a few, because I've recieved a few messages abut it, but, does anybody follow it? I'm considering to switching to something like livejournal or what have you, because they let you have people post comments... wait I think you can do that here. Anyway. Suppose I'm churning out this meaningless intellectually un-challenging garbage, and nobody is reading it? I personally like to read the blogs of mey friends, and look forward to new installments. But what if?

So I decided to brodcast more of my own "intellectual" shit, and see how people like it.

Today, little children, we'll talk about my ideal world!

It's a lot like an anarchist sociotey, but it isn't as heavily based on violence or chaos as what most people think of when they hear the word "anarchy." Ideally, people will just think "Fuck this shit, let's stop fighting and worrying about everything, and just goddamn live!" Then, we'll all just stop caring about governments and big corporations and huge record labels and stuff, and live simpler happy lives. Only small record houses will exist, broadcasting thier sounds over the 'net at no charge, with all the liner notes available for free too! I'm not saying an end to civilization, or a renouncment of posessions here, I'm just talking no more governments, or countries, or cliques, or clans or anything. Just people. No war, no famine, no (or less, because people will be working for free to help the sick of the world) disease. The national anthem (for those who want one) will be John Lennon's "Imagine", but it will be played on the bagpipes.

Or maybe I'm just a really weird mother&*^%er who has no idea what the hell he's talking about. Betcha $10 that that's the case.

I've been writing for way too long, and I doubt that anybody has gotten this far. Tomorrow I'll try harder to put something up that will engross the mind, or maybe one of my famous (to some) rants, that never actually denounce anything worth denouncing, and are just plain funny!

'Till then, peace!


**SONG OF THE MOMENT: "Don't knock the baldheads" by Bad Manners**