Parrelles connecting with Verizon USB modem

I am looking for any help that anyone could provide with the following problem. I am new to Mac and Parralles but have become fairly comfortable with both. The problem is this...the Parralles will connect to the Mac Airport with some assistance, but if I am not at a hot point, I have to use a Verizon Wireless USB modem. The Parralles will not connect to the device either by force or auto. If someone else has run into this and can provide a solution I would be most gratefull.

Just trying to help you get better results on your search, not sure if there's a forum for what you're doing, but hardware repair might not be the right place to look. I'd probably try "Other Technology".

ok, thanks

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I'm sorry, as this may not help, but sometimes, OS X will NOT let hardware attached to it be taken over by Parallels. I have encountered this many times, including in particular, my Motorola RAZR and have to actually reboot into Windows XP with it. If you can find drivers for OS X (or opensource drivers/guide) you can set that as the network/modem and use OS X to do it. I seem to recall that Verizon made drivers for a lot of their hardware. the problem is just getting them. Most of the time it was on a CD that you had to PAY for. What you might need to do is go to verizon and be really nice, and they *may* let you get the drivers off of them. That was the only way I could get my RAZR to connect to my mac.

It's odd, they will sell the hardware, but not support it unless you buy the software for it...