What about SOS - The ///'s Operating System?

First ever written to be user friendly.

Data base capabilities. Hierarchical file-structure.

Manages ALL memory locations and I/O.

One disk format for ALL allows file sharing and

Able to share files with Apple //e; c and gs ProDos

Easily updated without hurting existing compatibilities.

Abilitiy to rewrite software drivers instead of changing

Will locate which drive a file is in for you.

Error proof menu system.

Automatic date/time stamping of every file.

Any destruction of data requires confirmation.

Intterupt driven.

Device-independent I/O.

Stores information using all empty space.

Programs that request printing could continue during

Powerful drivers for graphics, console, audio, printer and

Programs can run 20% faster by pressing Control-5 on keypad
(no video).

Uses all available memory.

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