Datanetics Corp Keyboard

Apple I - Datanetics keyboard

The keyboard most commonly used with the Apple 1 was the Datanetics Corp keyboard.

Apple I - Datanetics logo

The Datanetics Corp logo.

Apple I - Datanetics date

Dated May 28, 1976.

Apple I - Datanetics bottom

Of course, in order to hook the keyboard up to the Apple 1, the pin layouts needed to be known. Robert H. Edmonds (deceased) acquired these from Steve Jobs and passed them along to Joe.

Apple I - Datanetics pinout

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Per Tom, I am forwarding the following:

Hi Tom,

I recently purchased a Datanetics Keyboard, and found your handwritten image / schematic from R. Edmunds. I was wondering if you or anyone else might know what the writing says on the lower left of the sketch under "strobe" pins 8-14?

(The image is here: )

My keyboard has a date of May 28, 1976.

I am also curious to know which contact on the keyboard is pin 1 ?
Have anyone found any other information on this Keyboard?

Thanks for any tips,