Datanetics Corp Keyboard

Apple I - Datanetics keyboard

The keyboard most commonly used with the Apple 1 was the Datanetics Corp keyboard.

Apple I - Datanetics logo

The Datanetics Corp logo.

Apple I - Datanetics date

Dated May 28, 1976.

Apple I - Datanetics bottom

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Per Tom, I am forwarding the following:

Hi Tom,

I recently purchased a Datanetics Keyboard, and found your handwritten image / schematic from R. Edmunds. I was wondering if you or anyone else might know what the writing says on the lower left of the sketch under "strobe" pins 8-14?

(The image is here: )

My keyboard has a date of May 28, 1976.

I am also curious to know which contact on the keyboard is pin 1 ?
Have anyone found any other information on this Keyboard?

Thanks for any tips,