Apr. 8, 1981

Larry Nelson
514 S. Adams
Marion, In 46952
April 8, 1981
Dear Joe,
Boy, It's good to have the apple up and
running! - Now if I can only get away from
that "Attack on the Death Star" program, I
might get something serious started. - It's a
great game!! Congratulations.
(You asked about standardizing INKEY at $0A -
since we are writing the standards, let's do it -
no problems that I can see.)
I have checked your monitor listing and
can only find 1 error - Change AF8D from
$0E to $AE (same as AE4F from $0D to $AD,
which you had correctly marked.)

The NEW BASIC is almost ready!
I've re-written the whole thing, added INKEY,
(10 A=INKEY : If A=176 THEN...)(Automatically clears $0A)
MEM, (Type MEM (CR), computer prints
free memory left in program), the rnadom generator
straightened up HIMEM, LOMEM, HIMEM=,
LOMEM-, end removed that irritating "***ENDERR"
message that isn't needed.
Two empty spaces are left, 4Z10 bytes and
5010 bytes. - Got any idea for a couple of

short commands? (not enough space for RENUMBER or
VARLIST, but maybe ASC() or CHR$().)
examples: 100 IF ASC(A$) = "175" THEN GOSUB...
120 PRINT CHR$(162);

The new basic works with all our present
programs. All I've done is cleaned out the trash,
made some fixes, etc, and rearranged to save
time and space on execution. The ADE program
editor was perfect for the job --
Which reminds me, "backspace" in the EDITOR
is defined as $08 at $EE15. -- change it to
whatever your characer is with Bit8 set to 0. -
To change memory limits, see the instruction
changes I sent you.

My ADVENTIURE-type game is still in the
planning stage. - Hope to get some of it into the
APPLE soon. I'll try to keep you informed
on what's happening here.


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