iPod Shuffle ADB Charger

I was wondering if it would be possible to connect the 5v and ground of an ADB cable to the 5v and ground on a USB cable. Would the amperage be a problem? Will I fry my Shuffle.


Not to be rude but, why ADB?

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I haven't got a usb laptop. I am going on a trip and would like to use my Duo to charge the iPod with the minidock. I was thinking that the folks down at the 68KMLA would enjoy this simple hack.

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It looks to me like the maximum power output for an ADB port is anywhere from 200 to 500MAh, which may or may not be enough to charge the Shuffle. I would suggest double-checking your wires and insulating them well, but I can not forsee any damage to be caused by properly making an ADB USB charger.

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Rather than chance frying your 'Book, why not just source a USB wallwart and/or car charger? I bought a pair of these for under $10 on eBay.

dan k

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Okay, I tried this a while ago, on my PB Duo 2300, and it failed. I remembered reading somewhere that pbs only put out 500ma instead of 1a like the iPod needs. I recently tried this on a desktop mac, and nothing happened, back to the drawing board.

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yes we people(including me) down at 68kmla.net would enjoy this hack