An original Macintosh II packing-slip/invoice from 1988

I bought a used Mac II in 2004 for $10. Adhered to the underside, in a clear clip-cover, was the original packing-slip/invoice when it was purchased March 4th, 1988.

They bought all the extras: Extra RAM, 2400 baud modem and nice software suite. It's hard to believe that all this was over $8,000!

After scanning and processing the JPEG document for Applefritter, I blocked out the phone numbers and address of the company.

Image jpeg size is 774x871 at 72dpi.



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$546 for a modem! $749 for a 13" RGB monitor! $407 for an additional 2MB of RAM! Wonder what would those figures translate to in today's dollars?

I still remember the day when buying a replacement 1GB drive for an Quadra 950 at work set us back $1000. Those were definitely NOT the days!

I recently aquired a box of old Newton PDA's and in with them were 6 of the Apple 2meg flash cards for them. Priced at $199.00 each before tax. Now that's incredible

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That's quite a bill!

I remember my very first hard drive, a 60MB external for my Atari ST, cost $650 used (around 1990. All $ in Canadian funds).
I paid almost the same amount for my first dot matrix printer. It cost extra because it had a mighty 2K buffer (1985-ish).

The first blank CD I bought cost $20, for one disc, and the burner at work I did my backup on cost a cool $20K (1995-ish). IIRC both disc and burner were Kodak branded.