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Just wait, soon I will have a cool mac page with my G3 Freeze - "It's Ice" hack.

Hello all!

I have a regular blog at my homepage,

Go there and you can view my real blog.



I tend to have quite a bit of unused computer equipment laying around my house, this is one of my attempts to consolidate it and make something usefully.  Basically this is a Quadra 610 motherboard and power supply with a 1.2 gig SCSI hard drive in the box that my DSL modem came in.


Hi, I've been looking around the site for a few weeks or so and finally decided to join after my Powerbook 1400 prompted me to. I'm attempting to drag it into the wireless world by connecting it to the home network with a Orinnoco Silver WaveLAN PC card (is there any need for that many names?.) Currently it is on 0S 8 so i decided to upgrade it to OS 8.6 instead of faffing around changing settings etc.

Apple 11 On Internet w/ smartmodem2400 and 128 mb etc. Possible?

I'm New Here and Hope that It is done right on this Net. Is there someone that has done the Apple 11 w/ hacking it Up to put it on the Internet w/ text emails & Light graphics as done IN 1977-78-79? as It was done On the AOL for the first time then? I'd like to get My apple 11 On the Internet w/ the proper cards and whatever It takes to do it.

Back to the salt mines....

Well lovely day, its sunny outside the birds are singing and I wish I was outside sitting on the grass eating my lunch...
but instead im sitting at a desk typing stuff up...


I used to post on AF 1.0, and its good to be back.

Blue screen on boot up

Hi thee and thanx for your reply i have tried inserting the install disc before i boot up as well as after it has boot up but the same result occurs it just comes to the desktop with my mouse moving minus the icons and to answer the question about having installed any software im lead to beleive that my daughter inserted this music cd that comes with cereal packets somtimes and it sort of hasnt worked since then but if i insert the install cd before i boot up shouldnt it let me erase the hdd so i can install a new copy of OS x 10.2?

blue screen on boot up

when my imac 400mhz boots up it says its loading apche web server and all the other stuff its always said but then it just sits at a desktop like state with no icons although my mouse still moves around.

Bringing Back The 'Fritter

Ok folks, here's what's been running through my head for the last while. You may have noticed that it's been almost one of those year things since we stopped producing The 'Fritter around here. I think we've probably all pronounced it dead and buried. I'm interested in starting up another similar project (probably hosted and operated outside of Applefritter), and I'm wondering if there's any sort of demand for yet another 'zine? If there is, what kind of material do you folks want to see more of?

I've made it back on.

After a small fiasco with the phone company(s) we've got phone service back on. It never should have been turned off, but we can't all prevent corporate mismanagement of customer requests...

Anyway, aside from working quite a bit, our car got wrecked. A guy turned across two oncoming lanes of traffic and it just so happens that I was on the outside lane doing 30-35mph. I had about 50ft to stop. Needless to say, the only reason the car stopped was because his van provided a nice solid inertial dampener. THe car was ruled totalled, and they offered us only $3000 for a 1997 Plymouth Breeze with only 80k miles. That was after they took off a few hundred dollars for "prior damage". Huh? A shopping cart ding on one side (a no paint repair and it can only be seen in the right light) and a smaller ding on the front fender? The adjuster told me that no "average" condition car would have ANY dents on it. Of course, I called major BS, and when they gave us the list of 3 comparable cars, I went and looked at one. Sure enough it was in much more rough shape than mine, with two dings, and foot long scratch and RUST in various places and a a crappy interior with 16,000 more miles. My car would be in perfect shape after a detail job and those two dings (and the wreck). The car was in GREAT shape. So, after pissing off the adjuster because I researched everything he sent me, I finally got him talked up to about $3750. Still a bit low, but not bottom of the barrel pricing for a car in such good shape. One of my major arguing poits was that I couldn't even go buy the cheapest comp. with the money they were offering me, and it was in worse shape! I made the big point that the money was supposed to buy me a close as possible identical replacement for my car, and I couldn't do that because he was trying to screw over the 25y/o couple with a baby. I patiently waited over a month to get our money, and the guy was getting more and more difficult to work with because everytime he made us an offer, I was abole to prove he was wrong. I talked him up on price 3 seperate times, using his own data. What a goon.

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