Apple II For Sale: $5,500.00 Here We Go Again...

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Re: Apple II For Sale: $5,500.00 Here We Go Again...

This is A outragous price and the lister has not even tested it . Wow $5,500.00 and you do not know if it will even work.

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Re: Apple II For Sale: $5,500.00 Here We Go Again...

That does seem a bit unreasonable.

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Re: Apple II For Sale: $5,500.00 Here We Go Again...

Some of my less computer-literate associates do things similar. They find this old stuff when cleaning out the house. They make a pile of it. They have the wife sit down and cruise ebay. They see some move for 1-2 grand and think maybe those were low-balled or not priced high enough. Then they double the price but provide for a way out with make an offer.

I can promise you the seller knows little to nothing about this bit of hardware. And if there was not a cleaning spree in progress this computer would still be collecting dust. Remaining long forgotten for years to come.

If the seller wanted to test this they could plug it into the TV set, it does indeed come with a Sup'R'Mod.

Considering it was stored in the desert region and the layer of sand particles is even, I'd say its a good buy. And besides, if it doesn't work, you can just pull chips till it does.

Not very elegant troubleshooting, but you get the idea.


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Re: Apple II For Sale: $5,500.00 Here We Go Again...

Looks like he cleaned it up a lot since the last auction. I thought about listing my apple II’s to pay off some bill’s, but $5000 is a serious price. I wouldn't expect my 2 Apple II’s to sell for half of what he’s asking, and mine are tested and working lol.
Even Rev. 0 Apple’s don’t always sell for that much, let alone a regular Apple II.

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Re: Apple II For Sale: $5,500.00 Here We Go Again...

Actually I think this guy saw the Rev-0 auction and thought (without much knowledge) hey my machine looks just like that one. If I wipe it down it must be worth 5k. Notice he said the date code on the motherboard is the serial #.

This machine is worth something, more if it was working just not 5k (Thats Rev-0 territory) I'd say anywhere between 1k to 1.5k not working since its a later revision. If it was working maybe 2k, maybe a couple of bucks more depending on timing. If this guy would actually do his research and post it correctly to eBay he might sell it for 1.5k. If he got it working then even more.

Working is important and working does mean more than just tuning on and beeping, but for the most part on an Apple II no matter what you could get the board working with a few hours work even if you swapped every chip on the board out (for a lot less than a couple of hundred the difference in a working system). However most people entering the hobby don't have the skill to do more than the shotgun chip replacement approach. I'm not knocking them. They just never learned. In fact when I got into the hobby I barely had any scope skills and all I could do is solder and follow a schematic. I know my skills improve every machine I get running. So to many people spending the extra money on a working machine is well spent. It just doesn't make them learn skills. Ok I'll get off my soap box...