Datanetics Keyboard Build guide and some additional information

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So I decided to update my Datanetics build guide.

One thing I noticed was that what my original cable instructions which were based upon Mike Willegal's reverse engineered Rev 'b' schematic didn't match the reset and clear screen key layout on the last 3 original Apple-1 ByteShop cases with Datanetics keyboards that I have worked on.

It should also be noted, that for the Rev D keyboard which is what the byteshop used, pin 4 on the bottom of the edge connector is no longer the +5v power, but is used for a shift lock key and indicator light. The +5V power is on pin 5 of the bottom of the edge connector. I made this mistake before when working on a keyboard and thought I had a bad encoder. I had checked the pins between the Rev B and Rev D cables, but gave up after all the top connector pins matched. My Bad.

Anyway... Here is the latest doc.

Datanetics Build Guide