How "impressive"/collectable are frankensteined Apple IIs?

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I could certainly answer my own question by the fact that anything with proper original labels, serials, etc. would be more desirable to have.

However, I have an Apple II from 1978 with green slots, autostart and Applesoft ROMs. Everything looks like original/official Apple parts. But there's no identification at all on anything. Except the 1978 year written on the board. There isn't anything written in the white box on the top left of the board. My guess is somebody cobbled it together and went through the trouble of taking off all its identification. Or if it wasn't frankensteined, somebody went through the trouble of taking off its identification anyway Tongue

Is there nothing wrong with owning such an Apple II, or would I be within reason to buy replacement parts off eBay that have labels and serials? How trivial/non-trivial am I being? Laughing out loud

I must mention I absolutely love owning it regardless. I got it for $40 from a guy I didn't even know had it... I almost never expected to see an Apple II without buying one off eBay for a small fortune.



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Re: How "impressive"/collectable are frankensteined Apple IIs?

Trivial is in the eye of the beholder. I'm not trying to sound like a dork btw lol. I know some people that like to have every date code on each IC correspond with the date codes/serial #'s on the rest of the computer. Others just don't care and don't mind non original parts. I my self am in the middle. I don't mind a few IC's not being original, however I am picky when it comes to the power supply's and keyboards being original; or at least date correct. I like the computer to look date correct, I don't necessarily have to have it perfect & all original though.

Nice find for an Apple II on the cheap side btw, you really don't find them that cheap anymore unless the person that owns it just doesn't care.

Can you upload some picture to share?

Also, I've seen quite a few empty white boxes (top left hand) on motherboards in my time. Not uncommon. However, are the serial #'s on the bottom of the case and on the power supply present? I find it odd when they are missing. I recently had an Apple II with no serial #'s that I ended up parting out. I just didn't want to answer the questions people would ask over a computer with no serial #.

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Re: How "impressive"/collectable are frankensteined Apple IIs?


Does it have an actual Apple II Motherboard?
What Model Number is on the Board?
This will tell you what Revision Board it is.

Start there.

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Re: How "impressive"/collectable are frankensteined Apple IIs?

Well it really depends on a lot. It may not be just put together by someone. Post some pics and we can help you sort out what you have.