Loading Basic using iPhone 4 via ACI

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Is there anyone having successful experience in loading Basic or other Apple 1 programs into Apple 1 using iPhone 4? I tried today, but it seemed it did not read a bit even though I have tried all volumes. I have used Sander's version posted in his website.

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Re: Loading Basic using iPhone 4 via ACI

OK, the first question is about the capacitor on your ACI. Are you using the stock .01uf or a .1uf cap. If you are using stock, you should concider replacing the cap to .1uf or trying to carefully place one so that it hits both connectors of the .01 cap.

Second check your LM311. I had a problem where I had my panasonic tape player fry my LM311 from too much volume. Then I couldn't load anything from tape or from iPod (which I use at about 90% volume). Keeping the tape player at about 50%-70% prevents that issue.

Next while loading the software put a scope on pin 7 of the LM311 and see what is coming out and then check that address 0 at pin 5 on the proms is getting triggered by the circuit to make odd/even address selection.

That is where I'd start. I'm sure others have ideas as well, but Wendell Sander's version works fine on an iPod and both of my systems.